Nick Beam

Graduation YearNick Beam holding a puppy



Major: Biology   Minor: Music

Student Organizations

K-Crew, Catholic Students on Campus

Distance (miles) from your hometown to K?

30 miles

Favorite spot to study?

In my room where there are fewer distractions

Favorite thing about the city of Kalamazoo and why?

How integrated it is with the various campuses while also still having a personality that doesn’t fall into “college town”

Favorite food in the Caf?

Most things because they are already made for me but probably chicken parmesan

Favorite part about study abroad

I loved my host family in Thailand. It was great finally having brothers (I grew up with two sisters) and my host mom was the most adorable woman ever. After coming back to the U.S. she sent me pictures of my favorite Thai foods on my birthday as my presents.

Something random that no one would guess about you.

I have, on several occasions, engaged in all-night board game marathons. I know, what a nerd…