Morgan Mahdavi

Graduation YearMorgan Mahdavi




Student Organizations

Queen Beez (Women’s Ultimate Frisbee), Limelights (acapella), SMART Girls (service learning), Young Persian Society

Distance (miles) from your hometown to K?

775 miles (Newfane, VT)

Favorite spot to study?

Third floor of the Library

Favorite thing about the city of Kalamazoo and why?

Spring time, because it is beautiful and warm and you can bike anywhere.

Favorite season in Michigan and why?

Summer/Spring because we go camping up North by the lakes

Favorite part about  your K Plan?

I am proud of my study away program in Philadelphia. A lot of people forget about or don’t know about study away, but I found it to be as valuable as study abroad and it allowed me to get off campus my sophomore year and really got me interested in anthropology and social justice.

Favorite piece of “K” gear?

A K swimming and diving blanket that somehow ended up in my house.

Random thing you want to do this next year?

Travel to Europe. Go on a road trip with my siblings. Eat a lot of ice cream. Make new friends. Play Ultimate year round. GRADUATE!!

If you could have any profession, what would it be?

Something with film.