Amanda Johnson

Graduation Year



Economics and Political Science with a minor in Chinese

Student Organizations

Amnesty International, MiRA (Migrant Rights Action), Pre-law Society, K-Dems, and Student Commission Deputy Secretary of Finance

Distance (miles) from your hometown to K?

70 miles

Favorite spot to study?

Third floor of Upjohn Library either in a cubicle overlooking the reading room or in a rented classroom.

Favorite thing about the city of Kalamazoo?

All the wonderfully delicious restaurants because I love food!

Favorite season in Michigan?

I love the fall weather in Michigan because of the beautiful scenery created by the colors of the leaves combined with the lakes. I love to go to the apple orchard in the fall and drink cider and eat fresh doughnuts.

If you could have any profession, what would it be?

If I could have any profession I would chose to either be a Supreme Court Justice or the Secretary of State of the United States. I like to dream big. J

If you could go anywhere, where and why?

Ever since I was extremely young I have wanted to go to China because the culture has always intrigued me. Now I am studying Chinese and hope to study in Beijing my junior year.