Allison Tinsey

Graduation YearAllison Tinsey



Philosophy major, French minor

Student Organizations

Frelon, the Index, and I hang out with StuComm, but I’m not on the commission

Distance (miles) from your hometown to K?

little over 70 miles

Favorite spot to study?

Fall and Winter – Reading Room, Spring – Fourth Coast Cafe

Favorite thing about the city of Kalamazoo?

Variety of restaurants (food, atmosphere, etc)

Favorite guilty pleasure food in the Caf?

Green beans.

Favorite part about study abroad?

I could not have chosen a better place to study abroad than Budapest, Hungary. The friends I made are more of a family and getting to see the world with them is something I will never forget.

Favorite piece of K gear?

Kalamazoo College Black Fleece – I wear it all the time and brought it to Europe with me for study abroad and repped K all the time – it’s so toasty.