Admission Tour Guides

Hello from the Kalamazoo College Tour Guides! We are current students who will be conducting your campus tour when you visit. We will show you around campus, share our personal experiences with the K-Plan, and answer your questions.  Check out our bios, below to learn more about us.  We look forward to meeting you!

2015-2016 Tour Guides

  • Tyler Allen K’17
  • Franky Cabrera K’16
  • Liz Fiator K’18
  • Alexis Fiebernitz K’16
  • Shelby Goldon K’18
  • Kaitlyn Gordon K’18
  • Tanush Jagdish K’18
  • Colin Klein K’16
  • Paige Maguire K’16
  • Mindze Mbala-Nkanga K’16
  • Sam Meyers K’18
  • Mallika Mitra K’16
  • Sophie Roberts K’16
  • Mira Swearer K’16
  • Elyse Tuennerman K’18
  • Rachel Zemmol K’16