Laura Coombs

Graduation Year



Political Science with a Concentration in American Studies

Student Organizations

President of the Pre-Law Society

Distance (miles) from your hometown to K

5 hour drive

Favorite spot to study

The second floor of the library

Favorite thing about the city of Kalamazoo and why

The downtown area because there are so many good restaurants and great boutiques to shop at

Favorite part about study abroad

My favorite part about study abroad was all of the great friendships I made with the other K students there. I did not know most of them when we first went, but now we are all best friends and hang out constantly.

Favorite piece of K gear

My big K sweatpants. They are so comfortable and one of the best purchases I’ve made in the bookstore.

If you could go anywhere, where and why?

I would go back to Madrid in a heartbeat. It was the best experience of my life living there and I fell in love with the city and the country as a whole.