Ivy McKee

Graduation Year



My major is undecided, but I am looking into ANSO and International Relations.

Student Organizations

I have worked for Woodward, the Admissions Office, K-crew, Focus Groups (research job). I am/have also been involved with the ARCUS Antiracist team, participated in Frelon, and was a member of Amnesty International.

Distance (miles) from your hometown to K?

238.6 Miles. My hometown is Milwaukee, WI.

Favorite spot to study?

I study in my room the majority of the time but also enjoy studying at the library.

Favorite thing about the city of Kalamazoo?

Kalamazoo is much smaller than my hometown, and while I miss the hustle and bustle of a bigger city I love how close and walkable activities within Kalamazoo are.

Something random that no one would guess about you.

I don’t really have the ability to smell. I never remember being able to smell barbeques, perfume, skunks, etc. I smell to some extent because food still has taste, but it is my weakest sense and actually leads to some funny conversations.

If you could have any profession, what would it be?

I would like to work for an international non profit organization that focuses on empowering youth and allowing youth to educate each other on their individual passions. Mostly, I would like to be part of an organization that facilitates conversations and actions among youth instead of imposing prearranged agendas for students to participate in.