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Caught in the Act: A Kalamazoo Winter

Welcome to 8th week! I can not believe it already has arrived! A lot of things have been going on here like Monte Carlo which is basically a wonderful night of gambling (with fake money) and classiness.   However, I tend to enjoy the little things in life here at good ol’ K. Here are some of the things I’ve spotted here on campus this winter…

Behold the accidental twins Graham (left) and Justin (right) who put the K in Klassy (side note: Kalamazoo gets a little carried away with the K sometimes, often replacing the C in words that start with C with a K. for example, the word “campus” becomes “kampus” on occasion). Have to give props to the perfectly matching shoe and pant colors on each of them, although it is a little weird.

Correction: This is a little weird. Take a look at the wild dorm clown bringing joy to the mystical land of Trow. I still do not understand why this happened but it did and I suppose we have to be thankful for it. After all, who doesn’t love a dorm clown? It certainly brightened the gray winter here! 

This is view from outside my window in Trowbridge. Out of the strange things seen, this may be the weirdest. Look closely and you’ll see someones window screen hanging out in that tree. I am stumped for reasons as to why this happened, and why it is still there weeks later! Maybe it is functional art? Kzoo students are always looking for different ways to express themselves and they succeed! For example I like to dress up my ice cream  or paint my nails – for, say, Amnesty International who had a table in the student center a few weeks ago where students could paint their nails rainbow in protest of Russia’s anti-gay policies. What do you do to express yourself?