Title reference: David Bowie, but I realized that some people might not get that, hence this… Scrolling through Facebook the other day, I noticed that a lot of the juniors abroad are counting down the days until they are back … Continue reading

Controversy on a Small Campus

Sometimes the small size of Kalamazoo College’s campus is more apparent than usual. Just the other day someone remarked to me that every time they go to the cafeteria they are surprised to see a new face. “Just wait until … Continue reading

Trips to the Animal Shelter

Cuddling with a curious kitty

My main job as Co-President of a club called Zookeepers is planning trips to the local SPCA. The club volunteers their time by walking and playing with dogs as well as taking care of the cats. It is wonderful for … Continue reading

Happy Holidays

For several reasons, the winter season and the holidays around it seem to be extended here at Kalamazoo College. Going back to last quarter… First off, there’s Cafsgiving, happening one Thursday a week or so before Winter Break (and thus, … Continue reading

On Returning to K

It never gets easy to leave loved ones behind and return to real life.  This is my fifth quarter at K, but returning from our six week winter break still feels as difficult as it did a year ago.  After … Continue reading

Independent Travel and More!

We had time to get away from Varanasi for a bit to do some independent travel. I decided to trek the Himalayas with three other girls on my program, and I truly could not have asked for a greater group … Continue reading


The title of this post is simple, because no grammatical modifier in the English language can do justice to the Senior Individualized Project or SIP (pronounced like the verb, never the acronym). However, the SIP, unlike the title of this … Continue reading

Center for Civic Engagement (CCE)

Last year, I happened to hear about a little start-up program through word of mouth. To my luck, it also happened to be exactly the kind of opportunity that I would find incredibly exciting and enjoyable –  helping to start … Continue reading

NIRMAN Fashion Show

Class 11 of NIRMAN recently hosted a talent show for the whole school. It was truly a lavish affair. I thought I’d share some of the pics!