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Campus Media Grows

It’s Wednesday of 10th week, or as I like to think of it, the last day The Index, our school newspaper, is distributed for the quarter! As the features editor of The Index, I get very excited when I see the small, campus news-filled paper sitting on the reference desk of the library. After having heard about articles people are writing, talking to them about interviews they have conducted, and editing some of their final pieces, it’s great to see the articles in print.

This week, I wrote an article about The Index´s first radio show. Our business manager and one of our staff writers decided to have a show on the Kalamazoo College Radio WJMD to inform students about what is happening on and off campus. They had the Deputy Secretary of Finance of Student Commission and The Index’s sports editor as two of their guests.

Deputy Secretary of Finance of Student Commission being interviewed


The Index´s sports editor being interviewed

The guys doing the radio show were a lot of fun to listen to. They talked about a lot, including our Student Commission and sports teams, what’s going on with the Russian government, and racial profiling by police forces. With so much running around to different activities and homework to do, it was nice to just sit and listen to the radio show’s hosts joke around. Plus, I never thought I’d get the chance to hang out in a radio station booth. There a billion buttons in there, microphones that look really confusing, and a bunch of wires hooked up to who-knows-what. Props to anyone who can figure it all out, but I think I’ll stick to writing.

Shout out to the one listener we had during the show: I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!