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New Places, New Faces

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As most K students are plunging into First Week, I’m starting the third week of my adventures here in Clermont-Ferrand, France! Here’s a glimpse into what I’ve done so far. 1) Climbed a volcano, watched the sunset, and attended a … Continue reading

Living in Oakland

At the Top

This summer I took on an internship in Oakland, California at AIDS Project of the East Bay. Since I did’t have any nearby relatives to stay with, I ended up subletting a room in a nice part of the city. … Continue reading

Life After College: Finding Your Passion

Editor’s Note: This post is geared quite a bit towards K seniors, but we in Admission think it might be interesting for prospective students to read, as well! Spring quarter is one of the most exciting times at Kalamazoo College … Continue reading

A Single Phone Call

The other day, a co-worker asked me how I ended up at Kalamazoo College. I thought back to a Saturday morning nearly a decade ago. Those of us from my high school’s cross country team who were around for the … Continue reading

Junior Spring

I was recently featured in a really cool video made by my peers Umang and Jose with the song “Happy” by Pharell Williams playing. See if you can find me: Happy Kzoo (hint: 0:37 and 2:02)! As my junior year … Continue reading

Rain in Kalamazoo

Summer has finally laid down its warm, wet sponge of an atmosphere here in Kalamazoo. The days are bright, hot, and muggy, while the nights are often cut by a thunderstorm that makes the mornings cool and refreshing. As a … Continue reading

Seeking Counseling and Avoiding the Stigma

I recently read that 42% of Harvard’s senior class sought out counseling services during their time as students. I am interested to see how many Kalamazoo College students do the same, but I am more interested in why people do … Continue reading

Welcome to Surgery!

How my K experience prepared me for life in the Operating Room As a brand new third year medical student at the University of Colorado, I have recently been baptized into clinical medicine by the fire of surgery. Not only … Continue reading

13 Signs That It’s 10th Week

An abnormally high consumption of sweet and fatty foods So many cool events! Anyone and everyone is in the library People are talking about summer in an excited and perhaps slightly intimidated tone Everyone is dreading the amount of work … Continue reading