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Big Decisions

Congratulations to everyone who make their final college decision on May 1!  Regardless of whether you chose K or another school, itʼs a huge decision and one that should make you proud.  If you DID choose Kalamazoo, YAY!  A little birdy in the Admission Office here at K told me that the class of 2017 is looking phenomenal!

As a senior, Iʼve also been faced with some big decisions over the last month or so.  The thing about finishing college is that, at least for me, it means the end of the pre-planned “steps” in my life.  I had always known a 4-year college was in the cards for me, but now…. my options have opened up quite a bit.  I decided at the beginning of this year that going straight to grad school was not the best option for me, but that left a big void in terms of what comes next.  What does it mean to “get a  job” anyway?

Luckily, Iʼve made my own big decision and figured out what Iʼm doing for the next two years.  I took a position as a Scholar Coach with the Schuler Scholar Program in the Chicagoland area, which means that Iʼll be working with high-achieving high school students with high financial need to help them get into great colleges.  It was a really tough decision because I was also deciding between another job that is near and dear to my heart, a debate coaching position at my high school.  The day I made the decision was definitely filled with mixed feelings, and more tears than Iʼd like to admit.

I donʼt start with Schuler in July, so thereʼs still a lot of ambiguity about what exactly this decision means for me.  Regardless, Iʼm very confident that I made the right choice for me. Thatʼs one of the most exciting parts about making big decisions like these–I remember feeling the same way before I came to K or before I went on study abroad: “This seems like itʼs going to be really cool, but I have no idea what to expect!”  If these choices are any indication, Iʼll be challenged in new ways but love every step of the journey.

The way I see it, itʼs impossible to make a wrong decision, as long as youʼre true to what youʼre feeling in the moment.  So embrace the uncertainty, enjoy the last few months in familiar territory, and take a moment to celebrate everything youʼve accomplished so far!

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About Michelle Keohane ʼ13

Michelle Keohane is a senior at K College. She will graduate in June with a major in History and a minor in Spanish. Last year, she spent 6 months abroad in Valparaíso, Chile. Things that are currently on her mind: the Women''''''''s Ultimate Frisbee team and their spring break tournament in Georgia; her Senior Individualized Project, which she''''''''s been working on since last May; the post-graduate job search; and her pet fish, Zayn.