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Best Coffee Shops to Study at in Kalamazoo

Now that it is almost seventh week of the quarter, it’s time to start thinking about finals. With research papers and exams around the corner, the library is starting to get packed (which I am personally thrilled about) and I have to find a place to study off-campus (yay!).

My friends and I have discovered a few places around Kalamazoo that are great study spots.

The first one is Water Street (, which has two locations: downtown and on Oakland Drive. My friend Josie works at the one on Oakland, so I am there pretty often to distract her from work.

Another good spot to read and write is Fourth Coast Café (, which is right below Crow’s Nest (the best breakfast place in Kalamazoo, according to my housemates and I).


Photo taken from the Fourth Coast website

Fourth Coast is also next to a used bookshop called Bicentennial Bookshop, a great place to check out while taking a break from all the studying you’re (hopefully) doing between lattes.

My last study spot recommendation is new in town! I went to Bright Eyes Brewing Co. for the first time today and had a delicious mocha while finishing a few applications.