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A non-Michigander’s spring break

The first week back on campus is always interesting, exciting, and what I would like to call “new.” My spring break was rather different from that of the typical “Michigander’s.” Most Michigan natives, in my observations, spend their spring break vacationing in the south or at home in their respective Michigan towns. I, however, did something different. I traveled around the U.

My last exam before break was on Tuesday. I began my travels by ending break and heading home to Florida. After being home for a little bit, I got on a plane and headed to Newark, NJ with my dad for the day. The weather was quite peculiar because it was warm in Newark. Within the same day, I went to Boston, saw some friends, and then traveled on to Maine. After Maine, I headed back to Florida, and traveled all around the state on the east and west coasts. It was great to be in the sun! As soon as I came back, everyone was astonished by how tan I looked. Some were rather envious, as Michigan sun will never compare.

It’s nice to be back because it’s beautiful here! The weather was in the 70 degree range. At K, I think the first week back is a great transition. My classes are amazing, and they are also very interesting. I am taking Hebrew 201, Drugs, Addiction, and Behavior, and Cognitive Science. I love K’s open curriculum because I can actually take all the classes I love – like these.

I like to refer the first week back at school as a “new start, again.” I see my time at K restarting all the time. Most of the juniors have returned to campus, so I see new faces constantly. As a kid, I remember only having one first day of school. At K, however, I have three new first days of school and new classes because of the quarter system! It’s fascinating!

All in all, I am happy to be back at K after my spring break! I’ve missed this home!

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About Mara Richman ʼ15

Mara is a sophomore from Tampa, Florida, and a prospective Psychology major. She plays tennis for K, serves on Student Commission and K-Crew and also works in the Office of Admission. She will be spending the fall in Philadelphia as part of the Study Away program that K has to offer.