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A day in the life

With so many Visit the Zoo events during spring quarter, it reminds me when I visited two years ago now. Looking back on it, though, it feels like decades since then. One thing visiting high school students want to know is the obvious, “What is there to do?” What is there to do…? Well, I figure the best way to go about this is to just give you some details of my days here in spring quarter of my sophomore year. As I am writing this, it is a Sunday night, and I have a clear mental agenda of all the craziness I expect tomorrow, so here is what a typical Monday might look like:

8AM – I like to be active, so I wake up bright and early (believe me, that’s too early for a college student, no matter HOW much of a morning person you are) and I hit the gym. I come back to my room for a quick shower, tidy up my room and off to breakfast. It is 9:30AM by now – time has begun to warp. I’m at breakfast for about 20 minutes, then off to work. 10AM -12PM, a simple two hour shift that is very unproductive (I pretty much sit down on my laptop for those two hours). Breakfast was light, so off to lunch. Now here’s where some problems come about. Some of my posts might have hinted that I’m a social person, but if that message hasn’t gone across yet, well, I’m a social person. I will spend hours at the cafeteria, not because of all the food I should be eating (it’s a buffet), but because I keep meeting up with people I know and just want catch up with. There goes a (precious) hour and now I’m off to 1:15 Calc II. Out at 2:30, the day is half over.

2:30PM-5PM – I’m getting work done. Reading, math homework, studying, the works – please take note that this is down time. 5PM, dinner and an exec board meeting for the Latino Student Organization, and yes at the same time because I’m on the move at this point. Done at 6, so I’ll do a bit more class work, then at 6:30PM, I’m getting ready and off to MMA from 7PM-9PM. Come back, shower again and off to do more homework. Done by 10PM and I’m hungry again, off to (what was once known as) “Stacks,” our Subway type place on campus. Go to my room and watch some TV or read some articles. It’s 11-11:30PM by now, and I can’t go on. It’s bed time – an incredibly early bed time. My suitemates will be up for a couple more hours, but it’s time for me to call it a day.

This is a day in my life. Some days I have two or three meetings. Maybe some group work. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I volunteer to tutor math and science to local middle school kids. Once I wake up, I’m like a shark and have to keep on moving. We all do here at K, and while it gets intimidating, somehow we all put it upon ourselves and are happier for it. You might hear us complain, you might see us acting like we’ve just seen death, you might even see us calm and composed right before a midterm (but this seems unlikely). One thing for sure, however, is the fact that you’ll always see us happy doing what we like here at campus. Discovering a passion is easy at K, and with passion comes happiness and satisfaction, no matter the chaos we call our daily lives.

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About Jose Avalos ʼ14

Jose is a sophomore Business major from Los Angeles, California. He minors in Japanese and Statistics. He finds that he is more than a bit talkative - a habit that usually makes him late to class. He has yet to be defeated by a Michigan winter and has 88 GB of music on his iTunes library. He may or may not live in the Hicks Center.