8 Reasons to Study on the Quad

1. It’s beautiful out, duh.

2. The Orange Bench (at the bottom of Academy between Crissey and Severn, upperclassmen dorms) is great to spend time at if you want to barbecue or hang out with friends, but only the incredibly focused can actually do any homework out there.

Large orange bench in a field surrounded by college students

K students hang out at the Orange Bench

3. The Kalamazoo squirrels are terrifying. We need to scare them off the quad.


4. Studies (don’t ask me for specifics, but I know they exist) show that studying outside and exposing yourself to the sun is extremely good for you, and actually helps you absorb more information.

5. This may be a small school but sometimes it can be hard to find a quiet spot in the library. There is room for everyone on the quad!

field with trees and buildings in the background

Kalamazoo College quad

6. Often, talented students will bring guitars, ukuleles, and other instruments out to the quad and play them with their friends. It’s very ’college,’ and also nice to listen to while you study!

7. The members of the Kalamazoo Outing Club will sometimes slack line out on the quad. It’s a lot of fun and can make for a great study break.

student walking on tightrope suspended in the air


8. You probably won’t get a lot of studying done during the day anyway, so you might as well be outside with friends. At least, that’s my logic.

-Mallika Mitra ’16

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Mallika Mitra ʼ16

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Mallika is an English major with an emphasis in writing and a political science minor from Stony Brook, New York. She is the Features Editor for the Index and co-President of K''''s chapter of Amnesty International.