15 Selfies I Took During my First Year at K

Selfies are awesome. I think they reflect an interesting time in our culture, where everyone is willing to forgo privacy for a ’favorite’ or ’like’. That being said, I probably take more selfies than is normal…hence this blog post! Of course, everyone at K has a different experience, but I want to show everyone a look at my first year as a college student through a culturally relevant lens: my iPhone camera.

Don’t take these too seriously, it’s meant to be funny!

1. First Day of Classes

This was right before I walked to my first day of my first year seminar, Salem Possessed. That class was not only where I realized I wanted to study history for the rest of my life, but it was also where I met my best friends at K! First year seminars are an awesome part of the first year experience, no matter what topic you choose!

2. Homecoming Weekend

This is my sister, a junior in high school. My dad went to K, so my family came over to Kalamazoo for Homecoming. My sister stayed with me for the weekend, ate in the caf with me, and got to experience K! My relationship with my family has gotten stronger this year, despite the distance.

3. Post-paper Pancakes
Wow, that alliteration was too good to not include. This was after we finished our biggest assignment for Salem Possessed, a 13 page research paper. I wrote mine on Puritan theology (it was fascinating, at least to me). We made birthday cake pancakes to celebrate!
4. Stress Selfie
This was late in fall quarter. The stress can hit you pretty hard, especially around eighth week. I’ve had to work pretty hard to balance enjoying myself and dedicating myself to schoolwork and other commitments. It’s been a more challenging transition than I had expected.
5. Friendship Selfie
Like I said, it’s important to balance school and social lives. My friend Jessie (read her blog posts!) has been a constant source of support throughout this year, and we always have fun together.
6. Finals Selfie
Ah yes, my study cap. I wear it when I really need to focus (almost like horse blinders), because it’s really easy to get distracted in the library by friends or cute boys or whatever it may be.  Note the numerous flashcards…I probably have used nearly 1,000 flashcards this year.
7. Winter Break Selfie
This is my cat, Ophelia. I thought this represented my break pretty well. Winter break is hard, because you’re just starting to get used to college and the workload and friendships, but then you say goodbye for seven weeks. But it is nice to be home for that long. Gives my cat and I some quality bonding time.
8. Polar Vortex Selfie
Well, Michigan is cold. If you don’t know that, I am here to alert you to the fact that the weather here is sometimes just crappy. We actually had two snow days at the beginning of winter quarter, which was fun.
9. Snapchat Selfie
Snapchat is my social media of choice, and as you can see, I have true talent in expressing my emotions through a seven second image. Like I’m sure you’re beginning to understand, the end of the quarter can be pretty rough. But, if you find a nice chunk of floor to lay down on and do research on, it might just work out for the best!
10. Tenth Week Selfie
I think of tenth week (the last week of the quarter) as a bit of a dream. I’m not quite sure how I made it through, but I did (pretty successfully). What’s nice about K is that everyone feels this way, everyone has a rough tenth week, so people can relate to you no matter what they’re studying.
11. Spring break Selfie
This is my dad! He graduated from K in 1988 (we actually had one of the same professors, which is awesome). For spring break, I decided to just go home and recharge. Like I mentioned earlier, my relationship with my family has gotten even stronger since I started college, so it was awesome to get to spend time with them without worrying about school.
12. Celebration Selfie
What’s awesome about K is that we have the ability to just leave campus and have options for fun things to do around Kalamazoo. For one of our friends birthday, we decided to go out to dinner on a whim. I have an really wonderful group of friends, and they’ve definitely helped me stay sane this year.
13. Quad Selfie
One of the best parts about spring quarter is that we get to be outside all the time without fear of frostbite! My friends and I study outside all the time, and it’s a much needed change. Too much time in the library could melt your brain (probably, I don’t really know the science behind that claim…)
14. Future Suitemate Selfie
Okay so this picture is missing one of our best friends (she was in class), but this is my main group of friends who I love dearly! We’re planning on living together next year in a suite style room, which is what upperclassmen have the opportunity to do.
15. Final Selfie
My first year at K was incredible. I know it’s not over yet, but I can already tell that I have made some life long friends and certainly life long memories. At K, everyone is looking for these genuine connections that I’ve been really lucky to find in many people. While the workload and being involved in the K community is really important, for me, the experience as a whole has been defined by building these relationships. Finding people who can help you through the stressful tenth weeks or people who will go to Taco Bell with you during an all-nighter, THAT is what my first year at Kalamazoo College has been about.
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