Shared Passages Seminars

All students take three Shared Passage Seminars.

First-year seminars, completed during the fall quarter of the first year in residence, prepare students for further work at the College by focusing on foundational skills, such as writing, oral expression, information literacy, and critical thinking; introducing global or intercultural ideas; and encouraging students to reflect on and integrate their high school experiences and transition to college. While diverse with regard to topic, these seminars are intentionally comparable in terms of the amount of written work expected, the importance of feedback on and regular revision of written work, and the maintenance of a participatory, discussion-oriented atmosphere.

Sophomore (or sophomore/junior) seminars delve more deeply into cultural issues and intercultural understanding, preparing students for study abroad and living in a global world.

Senior seminars, whether disciplinary or interdisciplinary, focus on integrating students’ Kalamazoo College experiences and preparing them for future lives beyond “K.” Disciplinary seminars integrate students’ experiences inside and outside a particular major, while interdisciplinary seminars allow students from a variety of majors to apply diverse aspects of their Kalamazoo education to an interesting topic or problem.

Please refer to the academic catalog for more detailed information and requirements.