The K-Plan

What Will Be Your K-Plan?

Your customized K-Plan will be made up of four components.
The Liberal Arts

Ours is a more open curriculum at K, so you will have extensive flexibility to tailor your studies to your unique passions.

Learning Through Experience

At K, you will learn by doing as you prepare for your chosen career through a wide variety of internships, externships, undergraduate research, service-learning, the Guilds, and more.

International & Intercultural Experience

For more than 50 years, Kalamazoo College has served as a model among U.S. colleges in international study, research, work, and service. Through our Center for International Programs, K students study in nearly 50 programs on six continents.

Independent Scholarship

As a culmination of all your learning at K, you’ll explore a subject of your own choosing, resulting in an in- depth, graduate-level research thesis, performance, or creative work.

Kalamazoo College’s distinctive approach to liberal arts education, the K-Plan, has four components:

  • Depth and Breadth in the Liberal Arts
  • Learning Through Experience
  • International and Intercultural Experience
  • Independent Scholarship

Full engagement in the K-Plan helps students accomplish these learning outcomes: to know at least one field of inquiry in depth; to study a variety of fields of inquiry; to be able to engage in various cultural contexts in informed, meaningful, responsible, and respectful ways; to be able to learn effectively in a variety of settings; to be able to integrate theory and experiences through reflection; to respect personal and cultural differences;to be able to communicate effectively in both written and oral forms; to be proficient in at least one second language;  and to be able to think critically, reason analytically, and solve problems skillfully.

“I’ve always loved the K-Plan. I think it’s a brilliantly balanced education. I have to say I like it best in its classic form: broad liberal arts coursework, a career development internship, study abroad, the SIP.”

Andy Mozina, Professor of English

While at K and through the K-Plan students are encouraged to develop: a lifelong passion for exploring new ideas; career readiness, based on multiple hands-on experiences including internships, externships, mentorships, and service learning; intercultural understanding, an awareness of different ways in which people experience and organize the world and an openness to learn from these;  a clear sense of social justice, and willingness to become involved; and leadership as characterized by the ability to envision new possibilities and then inspire and organize people to achieve them.

Each student’s K-Plan will be a highly individualized, highly experiential curriculum that enables him or her to focus on, and make the very most of, his or her unique interests and gifts.  At K – within an attentive and supportive community – students receive guidance as they clarify academic and career goals while constructing their version of the K-Plan so as to reach their full, unique potential.

As it has for the past half-century through the K-Plan, Kalamazoo College continues to be incredibly effective at helping enterprising students develop the knowledge and skills, self-reliance, resourcefulness, and global perspective they need to understand our richly diverse and increasingly complex world, to be successful within that world, and to provide enlightened leadership in the 21st century.