Strategic Plan

K in Five: What We Heard

Economics Professor Patrik Hultberg teaches students from a blackboard

The open Kalamazoo Curriculum offers students the flexibility to take academically challenging courses across the liberal arts and sciences from K’s outstanding faculty.

Kalamazoo College is in the process of writing a strategic plan – a map of thoughtful and intentional priorities to guide the College through the next five years.

Listening to College stakeholders was the first step in a yearlong process that incorporates input from students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, family and friends, and the Board of Trustees. The strength of the plan depends highly on both the quantity and quality of the input received.

Constituents took part in 12 information gathering sessions, plus students, staff and alumni, family and friends responded to electronic surveys. Participants were encouraged to view the College through a broad lens in their responses and discussions.

A preliminary analysis of the data received this spring reveals common themes in the areas of K’s strengths and priorities.

Study Abroad in Germany Strategic Plan

Most K students study abroad during their junior year immersing themselves in the local culture and language and delving deeply into the international experience.

Constituents consistently identified the strengths of Kalamazoo College as academic rigor, preparation for graduate/professional school, quality of the faculty, and study abroad and international education.

Two priorities resonated with groups of stakeholders – career preparation for students and creating an inclusive and supportive campus.

Here are some of the key touch points moving forward:

  • September 2017: Planning committee begins writing the first draft of the Strategic Plan
  • November 2017: Draft of Strategic Plan written and shared with key stakeholders for further input
  • March 2018: Strategic Plan presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

    Career Summit Strategic Plan

    In 2017, the inaugural Career Summit brought executives and venture capitalists to campus for two days of practical career advice, networking and inspirational talks.

The Strategic Planning Process, facilitated by Tim Fallon, is funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The Plan for Kalamazoo College’s Future, the College’s previous strategic plan, has guided K for the past ten years.