K’s 2007-2017 Strategic Plan

The Plan for Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo College has long been and continues to be a thought leader in higher education. This legacy of educational innovation includes co-education in the early 19th century, the Fellowship of Learning in the early 20th, and the Kalamazoo Plan (K-Plan) in the early 1960s. In the changing landscape of higher education, it is both imperative and urgent that we hold to our historic principles of educational innovation and leadership not merely to be “distinctive” but because we know it is the right course for students today.

The broader Kalamazoo College community has worked to craft a comprehensive plan that will continue to place us at the leading edge of innovation in undergraduate teaching and learning. Under this 2007-2017 strategic plan, faculty, staff, students and alumni each have taken on the challenge to transform the educational experience at K. We will accomplish this by building on our strengths as we develop new opportunities to educate our students for the demands of providing enlightened leadership to a richly diverse and increasingly complex world.

Kalamazoo College has always served exceptional students and has understood that to do so the College itself must be exceptional. Students today need more from their Kalamazoo College education than ever before: more depth and breadth of knowledge, greater facility with technologies, more experience in the community, the workplace and other cultures. The College has adapted — and will continue to adapt — to meet those needs, offering a remarkably rich undergraduate experience.